Frequently Asked Questions — Learn How Willms-O'Leary, S.C. Can Help You

What happens when I contact you to discuss a legal question?

We cannot give legal advice over the phone to new clients because we do not know enough about you or your situation to provide sound advice. If your issue seems to be within our areas of expertise, we schedule an initial meeting. Prior to that meeting, we will ask you to provide some general information about yourself. Then during your meeting, we discuss your goals and how we may assist in meeting those goals. We provide a fee agreement for you to take home and review. If we come to an agreement on the work to be performed and the fees for that work, then you sign and return the fee agreement to us, which commences our attorney-client relationship.

How much does it cost for you to be my attorney?

We generally cannot tell you how much it will cost to perform work for you until we have the opportunity to meet with you and discuss exactly what your goals are and how we can assist you.

Once we come to a mutual agreement on a plan of action, we will prepare a fee agreement for your review and approval. That agreement depends on the type of work to be done, but will usually be either a fee quote (where we predict ahead of time what the total cost of your work will be), or an hourly agreement (where we bill you in accordance with our hourly rates). We try to be as specific and up front as possible when discussing fees with you prior to commencing any work, and never ask you to sign a fee agreement until after you have a chance to take it home for review.

Where is your office located, and how do I get there?

We are located on Main Street in Thiensville, Wisconsin. Our office location and driving directions can be found on the "Contact Us" portion of our website. We do have handicapped-accessible parking and meeting spaces, and in special circumstances we can arrange to meet out-of-office when that is necessary to meet our clients' needs

What if I don’t see my particular legal question on your website?

We try to make our website comprehensive so that you can find the information you are looking for. However, the areas of law we practice in can be very broad and therefore we cannot include everything on our website. If you are not sure whether we can help you after visiting our website, please send us a request via our Contact Us page or call us at (262) 238-6996.

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